NoMüNoMü is an intersectional arts collaborative working to challenge the perpetual systems of oppression within and beyond the art world. We work collaboratively with artists and grassroots organizations at the intersections of race, age, gender and orientation. We see collaboration in the arts as a means to challenge the status quo, specifically in informing movements of decolonization, resource sharing, and learning new ways of being within and through the field of art.


We work to: curate radical exhibitions; provide space and resources for local artists to create; and work with activist and cultural grassroots movements to organize through the use of screen printing, resource sharing, and art production. 


NoMüNoMü partners with and operates within SKARIE Studio in Baltimore, MD. While SKARIE studio— former Open Studio DC— is primarily home to Carolyn Hartmann’s creative screen printing practice, during its years in DC, the studio evolved to include social change work, collaborating with a variety of local activists and artists using printmaking. This work is continuing in Baltimore through SKARIE’s partnership with NoMuNoMu. NoMuNoMu operates as the conceptual and performative element, while SKARIE is the utility that supports NoMuNoMu’s physical work and projects happening in the space.